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    Children Upliftment projectGiven our experience of working with and for children, we have realised that if you care enough about the situation of underprivileged Indian children, enough to want to change it, to do something, YOU CAN.

Like all of us, We got upset to see the disparities that exist between children. We were greatly distressed to see children begging and working as domestic help. Unlike most we did something about it. To enable a lasting change, all it takes is to stand up for what is the right thing to do.

At Life Giving Love, what binds us is the belief that "Change is possible. Because I'll make it possible." It is this zeal that enables individuals, organisations, corporate houses, and institutions, originating from various parts of India and overseas, representing every ethnic, linguistic and ideological persuasion to come together to restore to children what is rightfully theirs - a work free childhood      .


Youth Development project - Youth development, the process of growing up and developing one?s capacities, happens no matter what we do. The challenge is to promote positive youth development and plan quality experiences with young people.

People, programs and institutions involved in youth development are working toward positive results in the lives of youth. Some have clearly defined these desired positive results?or outcomes?in an attempt to more effectively work toward them. There are many efforts to define the outcomes of youth development, and while language may differ from place to place most express the results that most people want for their own children.

Join Us in different youth development programs


Rural health care project - LGL works with communities through local, state and territory, and national partnerships to improve community leaders and stakeholders' skills and commitments for establishing, advancing, and maintaining effective population-based strategies that reduce the burden of chronic disease and achieve health equity. Communities create momentum that assists people in making healthy choices where they live, learn, work, and play through sustainable changes that address the major risk factors?tobacco, physical inactivity, and unhealthy eating.


Blanket and cloth distribution Project - Distributing blankets to the poor, needy and the beggars to keep them warm in winter. If you have clothes which you can donate, you may contact us. We will be glad for your help.

Environment protection project - Planting trees, Creating awareness to prevent the abuse of environment through use of plastics, air pollution and water pollution etc., Promoting the use of eco-friendly products.


Disaster Emergency Help Project - Teaching people how to handle emergency situations and how to react to disasters to save themselves and others.


Women Empowerment Project - Educating women, Helping them to get employed, uplifting them.

Vocational Courses - Personality development course, English speaking course, Correspondence Graduation Assistance, Arts Courses.