Registered with Govt of India
An Initiative to Serve Mankind

Who We Are

Sumit Mahatha, An Electronics Engineer by profession but has a zeal to serve the society specially for the underprivileged people with love and care. So, in 2013, with the help of others, We formed an organisation to serve mankind. Mr. Sumit is the Founder President of Life Giving Love. And was serving the society even before 2012.

About 1 million NGO's are working in India but only few of them are working for the needy and poor. Here, in LGL we make a difference and we are really serving as much we can.

Provision of basic amenities for the backward classes and areas and education for their children is a must if INDIA has to move towards development. 'Development' requires the all round development of the country and not just a few section of the society. Here, in Life Giving Love, we have taken the initiative to try our level best to bring the deprived, underprivileged and weaker section of the society at par with the advancing sections. Hence, our motto, "An Initiative to Serve Mankind".

Mr. Sumit is the Chief Executive Officer of Life Giving Love.